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White Papers
Free Downloads Add Value

White Papers are an ideal way to give your clients, customers or visitors a thank you gift! 

White papers are also a great way to build your relationship and trust with your clients as you build your mailing list! White Papers augment your content marketing campaign in many ways.


Visitors leave their information in order to download very useful and attractive PDFs that will help to make their lives better.


Types of White Papers

Business to Business

These pieces are targeted to your business clients that refer customers to you. They are tools to help make these referral sources more loyal to you. By providing something that makes their jobs easier, such as worksheets or tables or reprints, they come to see you as a trusted partner.


For example: 

A geriatric social worker may benefit from a reprint of why it is important to hire them for your elderly loved one.

A lawyer may appreciate a useful checklist or workbook to help their clients organize essential documents for them.


These whitepapers are a way to say you are on the same team and want to help them do what they do. 

Choosing a home healthcare agency
Hiring Geriatric Care Manager

Business to Consumer

These pieces are targeted directly to endusers. They are useful documents or tools and can be used as adjuncts to the service or product you sell.

For example:

  Personal trainers may provide exercise logs.

     Insurance agents may provide insurance FAQs.

     Homecare agencies may provide checklists to better care for patients.

The possibilities are endless. In essence, it is a freebie to your target audience to enhance your relationship with them and to collect important information. The only 'cost' to them is to provide some basic information in order to download the PDF.


Additionally, more often than not, these tools can be used by B2B clients to help them in their work as well. 

Essential docs updated border

White Papers & Blogs

White papers are a good way to entice your readers to read your blog posts and open your newsletters. 

Blog posts can introduce the whitepaper when it is first published. It can be used to add value and peak interest in subsequent posts. 

Newsletters can highlight the whitepaper publications as well. Whitepapers properly crafted and incorporated increase open and click through rates to your website bolstering your SEO efforts.


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