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Blog Posts for Your Company Blog

A Small Business Website Blog is a Fantastic Thing !

Helps Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines like Google like to see that websites are alive. Posting fresh content tells the search engines your site is active. Each time you post a new page (i.e. blog post), you have an opportunity to index another page with the search engines and rank higher on Search Engines Page Results (SERPs). The higher you rank on the page, the higher the likelihood of being clicked on and gaining a visitor and a potential customer. 
Keep Current to Get Customers
Having a website blog with new and current information makes your site that much more relevant and respected by visitors who are seeking your service and information about it. When visitors find your information useful, they are more likely to feel an affinity toward using your service thereby making the (W)right connections!
Great Byproduct....
You get to re-purpose content for great things like Social Media Posts, Blog Digest Newsletters, & White Papers!
Speak with Authority to Impress Customers
A blog is a platform you can use to speak as an authority in your industry. When you are able to speak from a place of knowledge, you are viewed as an expert in the field. Customers respect your voice and your service which easily converts into sales. This authority is heightened when you include links to other trusted sources in your blog posts. 
Frequent Blog Posting is a Win-Win Situation for Companies, Clients, and Search Engine Optimization. 

Blog Posts

Easy Reading Blog Posts. Ageism & Smoking

Deep Dive Blog Posts

Longer form blog posts allow for more keywords and more authority both to the search engines and the reader. Covering topics in-depth allows for more time to newsletters give you more of platform to shine and show your expertise and industry leadership. You can introduce blog posts as they are published. Or, if you have an existing blog, it is a great way to highlight past articles with themed blog digests. Editorial calendars ensure that published blog posts conform with themed newsletter deadlines. Please check out our many themed blog digest newsletters below. 

deep dive long form blog posts. historic spas senior-couple-hot-springs
Deep Dive Blog Posts for longer read

Easy Reading Posts

Topline information that is easily digestible can be covered in 600-800 words. That is just enough time to give over useful information and give the sense that your company is on top of the latest information and research. A well chosen blog picture or graphic can communicate themes and vibes at a glance. There should also be links to external sources and internal links to your website. 

Blog Posts for Newsletters

to link back to your website

Part of a branding strategy is taking every opportunity to show your 'storefront'. Branded graphics is a great way to make sure your company personality and logo get the absolutely greatest amount of exposure. Never miss an opportunity to market your business and never throw out any marketing dollars. Personalized graphics and newsletter banners ensure just that. All newsletters in the gallery below were sent out and published on the website with fully customized images.  

Blog posts for newsletters. Baseball Reminisce.
Blog Post for Newsletters
Blog Post Gallery

Blog Post Gallery

Selected Blog Posts

Selected Blog Posts for Newsletters

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