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News Flashes

Sparking Inspiration at Every Turn

A News Flash is a great way to quickly remind your customers or audience that you are thinking of them. We call is it a Flash because it is not as long or as formal as our thoroughly researched Newsletters. It's almost like an alert. 

Types of News Flashes

Three General News Flash Categories:

Labor Day 2 news flash

Holiday News Flashes

Holiday News Flashes are by far the most common type of News Flash and are planned to coincide with a holiday or day of remembrance of some kind. Typically the December holiday season and Thanksgiving are on the holiday News Flash schedule. Holiday greetings could be sent for other celebrations such as July 4th and Labor Day. Days of remembrance relative to your business are a good excuse to contact clients as well. Holidays are something that we all can relate to and share. They are also a good way to the show the human side of your business or service. 

World Health Day (1) resized
Snow news flash updates

Update News Flashes

Updates relating to your business or current events is another way you can shine and impress your clients and customers. Updates can be "Hey. We are having a one day sale." or "We got all our employees out to all our clients through today's snowstorm." or "Our prayers go out to those going through this tough time."

In any case, they can serve to emotionally bond with your target audience. 

Hurricane Facebook Post
Let Us Help Branding News Flash

Branding News Flashes

Sometimes a branding News Flash can be just the trick to lend a boost to your branding strategy. A little periodic injection of your company logo, mission, or raison d'etre can both enhance your image and increase your ultimate sales. 

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News Flash Gallery

News Flash Gallery

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