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Building Customer Loyalty

Every company has a persona and a story.
Customers would love to hear yours.
Consumer loyalty is built on personal connections.

A regular newsletter is a great way to build your relationship with your target audience.

Keep them close, keep them happy, keep them loyal, keep your business top of mind.  

... and keep them coming back again and again!

Increase Traffic to Your Site

If your Newsletter links back to your website and blog, you are maximizing your opportunity to rank higher with the search engines. The more clicks you get, the higher you will be placed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) there by increasing your traffic even more!

Newsletter Packages

Newsletter Blog Digest

A pithy and punchy newsletter may be just the way to remind customers/clients that you are there. Remind them that you are experts at what you do, that you are on top of the very latest news and trends, and inform them of news in your company. This type of newsletter can be a stand alone piece with only an introductory paragraph or it can include relevant or recent posts from an existing blog embedded in your website. 

Handwashing Newsletter Blog Post Digest
Happy Holidays Newsletter Digest

Newsletter with Blog Post

Longer form newsletters give you more of platform to shine and show your expertise and industry leadership. You can introduce blog posts as they are published. Or, if you have an existing blog, it is a great way to highlight past articles with themed blog digests. Editorial calendars ensure that published blog posts conform with themed newsletter deadlines. Please check out our many themed blog digest newsletters below. 

CAPS blog digest Facebook Post
Newsletter with Blog Post


with Blog Posts & Custom Images

Part of a branding strategy is taking every opportunity to show your 'storefront'. Branded graphics is a great way to make sure your company personality and logo get the absolutely greatest amount of exposure. Never miss an opportunity to market your business and never throw out any marketing dollars. Personalized graphics and newsletter banners ensure just that. All newsletters in the gallery below were sent out and published on the website with fully customized images.  

Amer Diabetes Month Facebook Post
Gorgeous Grandma Day
Newsletter Gallery

Newsletter Gallery

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