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About Us

We have years of experience in the field of marketing with specific expertise in digital marketing. 

We have worked in many industries in the business and not for profit sectors.


We have extensive experience in healthcare,  telecommunications, and financial services. 

We have experience in not-for- profit fundraising and educational institutions. 

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To have all our clients be the voice of authority in their fields of expertise where they are viewed as respected sources. 

To develop relationships with our clients who in turn develop relationships with their customers as loyal and satisfied consumers.

To have satisfied and loyal clients who trust us as extended members of their marketing team.

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Our mission is to provide high quality writing and digital marketing service to small businesses at reasonable prices so they can compete in the arena as effectively as the 'big boys'. With today's technology available universally, there is more opportunity than ever for small businesses to make a real impact in their competitive playing fields. 

Phyllis Lehman, owner and founder of Write-Connections

I myself have broad and varied marketing experience. 

Phyllis Lehman, Owner
Write Content Solutions

After completing an MBA from Columbia Business School, I spent many years in marketing and marketing research. Seeing that it was the wave of the future in marketing, I entered the field of digital marketing on the ground floor. After hybrid efforts at marketing in both the traditional and internet realm, I eventually migrated to fully digital marketing plans. 

Recognizing that in this brave new world content is king and following my passion for writing, I decided to devote my efforts full time to the writing/content portion of marketing. Enhanced by my Advanced Certificate in Teaching Writing from Stony Brook University, I now spend most of my day writing content specifically tailored to my clients' needs as they seek to expand their businesses and profits. 

Our Clients: YOU!

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